We always enjoy hearing from past students. Here is an excerpt from a letter recently received by one of our member schools:

I went to (a CCA member school) and graduated in 2006…I have a great story for you…

I wasn't doing well in high school and severe bullying resulted in me wanting to leave the school. I had been desperate enough that I was willing to be home schooled but luckily my father found (CCA member school).  I enrolled during the last six weeks of my freshman school year and never looked back. As soon as I was in online high school I started excelling. I began getting almost straight A's. Looking back I always had the capacity to do well but the extreme bullying within the public school system made me depressed to the point that I wasn't doing well. I graduated with a 3.7 GPA. I also was able to complete college courses while in high school which gave me a head start in college.

In December I graduated from the Colorado School of Mines with two degrees, one in Chemical Engineering and one in Chemistry. I also received the Outstanding Achievement Award in Organic Chemistry 2007-2008. I was much more prepared for college because I was used to having to be self motivated and I had already learned how to pace myself.

I  had two internships where I completed four projects and one of the projects was presented at the 2009 Society of Mining Metallurgy and Exploration Convention. In one project I discovered a new ion exchange resin that is expected to save the company I worked with $200,000/year.

I acknowledge that online education isn't for everyone, but for specific people it can be a godsend. It allowed me to complete my education without the bullying that prevented me from excelling. I gained many friends from volunteering with various organizations while in highs school. In addition, learning to be so self motivated and self paced has made me successful in the workplace.