• Academy Online High School
  • Branson School Online
  • Colorado Distance and Electronic Learning Academy (CDELA)
  • Colorado Connections Academy
  • Colorado Virtual Academy (COVA)
  • Guided Online Academy Learning Academy (GOAL)
  • Hope Online Learning Academy Co-Op (Hope Online)
  • Insight School
  • Karval Online Education
  • Monte Vista On-Line Academy
  • Vilas Online School



Academy Online High School

Academy School District 20

Academy Online High School exists to meet student needs. This online high school program is for students in grades 9 through 12 residing inside or outside of Academy School District 20 boundaries. Our online school is a choice learning opportunity that uses rigorous, standards-based curricular content delivered via the internet. Online learning requires motivation, organization, a commitment to learning, a computer and a broadband internet connection. The online school is required to be aligned with State of Colorado Quality Standards as well as the Academy School District 20 certification and accreditation requirements.

Branson School Online

Branson School District

Branson School District RE-82 and Branson School Online are committed to educating children by capitalizing on technology to deliver K-12 public education. Branson School Online strives to make a positive difference in the lives of children in an alternative school setting. Our highly qualified teachers are committed to teach curriculum that specifically aligns with the Colorado Performance Standards.

Colorado Distance and Electronic Learning Academy (CDELA)

Colorado Charter School Institute

CDELA is a public cyber charter school for students in grades K-12. Students participate in live, interactive, online class sessions that supplement the standards-based curriculum. The mission of CDELA is to offer families a valuable educational alternative while practicing and promoting academic integrity through quality technology based curriculum and highly qualified teacher support which fosters academic excellence in our students.

Colorado Connections Academy

Denver Public Schools

At Connections Academy, each student receives individualized instruction, including lessons tailored to that student’s academic strengths and weaknesses.  We also offer a unique instruction program designed for gifted and talented students. Students in grades 3 through 8 may be enrolled in specially designated gifted courses in language arts and mathematics. High School students benefit from rigorous college preparatory curriculum that provides an opportunity for students to participate in Honors and Advanced Placement courses.

Colorado Virtual Academy (COVA)

Adams County School District 12

The Colorado Virtual Academy uses the K¹² curriculum to offer Colorado students in grades K-12 an exceptional learning experience. With individualized learning approaches, the Colorado Virtual Academy and K¹² provide the tools kids need to succeed—in school and beyond.

Guided Online Academic Learning Academy

Colorado Charter School Institute

GOAL Academy is a tuition-free Colorado public high school dedicated to giving students a flexible learning environment to meet the needs of our students and forming a learning partnership with our parents. We are a High-Tech / High-Touch school delivering classes primarily via the internet, but frequently meet with students to provide one-on-one tutoring, mentoring, life skills, workforce guidance, and academic reinforcement.

Hope Online Learning Academy Co-Op (Hope Online)

Douglas County School District

Hope Online Learning Academy Co-Op is a public charter school that provides a high-quality education for k-12 students. Hope Online offers online curriculum, individual learning plans and highly qualified teachers, combined with a unique model of one-on-one mentoring and support at a Learning Center. With over 60 Learning Centers, Hope Online serves full-time students across Colorado’s Front Range as they learn, achieve and graduate.

Insight School

Julesburg School District

Insight School of Colorado is a full-time, diploma-granting, online, public high school offered tuition-free for Colorado residents. Insight students complete their studies in a self-directed, teacher-facilitated environment, at their own time, place, and pace. Insight students are provided with a school-issued laptop computer, printer, and Internet reimbursement. Students choose from over 120 courses that suit their unique interests and abilities, and the unique “iMentor” program offers unparalleled support to help them reach their academic goals.

Karval Online Education

Karval School District Re-23

Karval Online Education (KOLE) provides an innovative program with the flexibility to meet individual student needs at the family's desired place and time.  Our curriculum is aligned with State standards, and offers dual credit courses for juniors and seniors desiring college credit.  Families seek out Karval's program for a multitude of reasons:  teen parents, accelerated pacing, working students, illness, and good old-fashion parental involvement.  In addition, Karval offers small student to teacher ratio and prompt technical support.

Monte Vista On-Line Academy

Monte Vista School District C-8

The On Line Academy is the first and most experienced online secondary school in Colorado. We offer students anywhere in Colorado a rigorous curriculum taught by highly qualified, experienced teachers. We understand that not all students fit the traditional school mold, and we are pleased to offer a positive choice to those unique students still searching for an effective way to meet their educational needs.

Vilas Online School

Vilas School District Re-5

It is the goal of Vilas Online to provide all students with a comprehensive learning experience that meets or exceeds all state educational requirements. Educational requirements are met through a rigorous program, a highly qualified staff, and cutting edge technology. Vilas Online is committed to excellence and is continuously evolving in order to promote quality instruction and innovative curriculum.