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  • All three of my children began their education in a public brick and mortar, year-round school. My oldest son completed the 6th grade, my younger son completed the 3rd grade, and my daughter was enrolled in kindergarten for nine weeks. This setting was not a good fit for my daughter, mostly because of the boredom she experienced with the academics being taught, so I began looking into other public education options. I researched what a cyber school was, attended an info session, and, in September 2004, I decided to try this option with my daughter.

    That school year, I learned a lot about the educational opportunities and benefits online public schools offered. The flexibility of when and where to school, moving at a pace that is conducive to my child's learning, not the pace of the entire class, and the ability to revisit lessons at any time are all invaluable reasons why this is a great choice in public education. Additionally, teachers are more accessible in this model, extracurricular activities are easier to fit into our daily schedule, and there is instant feedback about online quizzes and exams. The following school year, I enrolled both of my boys in cyber school also.

    Five years later, I am happy to say that all three of my children are thriving in their cyber school. They are learning a rich core knowledge curriculum through an individualized learning plan that makes learning come alive. We have Colorado certified teachers, as well as a professional and experienced administration team. I want the best possible education for my children, and our cyber school has exceeded my expectations in making that possible.

    Lori, mother of cyberschool students

  • After being repeatedly bullied, my son, Bryce, changed from a student who loved school and never missed a day to a student who made up excuses to avoid it. My husband and I knew that we had to improve Bryce’s educational experience.

    First, we looked at private schools. Then, we looked at home-schooling. Neither suited our family just right. Fortunately, we met a Colorado Virtual Academy teacher who told us about the school, and we knew it was the school for us. We enrolled Bryce in COVA at 5th grade and knew this challenging online curriculum was going to be the best way for him to get his education. He enjoyed the flexibility in the elementary and middle-school models, and I am glad the high school model is based on due dates to prepare him for college. As a high school junior, my son is thriving in COVA. He is involved in Student Government as Student Body Treasurer for the second year. He attends school fieldtrips as well as dances, so he has those same opportunities found in any brick and mortar high school. We know we made the right choice by enrolling him in COVA, because we are finding that he is scoring very well on tests pertaining to colleges. This curriculum is very challenging and is not for every student, because everyone learns differently, but, for us, it has paid out in the end for Bryce.

    Selina, mother of a cyberschool student


  • Online school has been a great public school option for my family. My son is 15 and last year (his freshman year) was the hardest year of our lives. My son is extremely shy and the adjustment from junior high to high school was hard on him. The counselor did nothing to help him adjust to this new level, and he became too physically upset to go to school. At the age of 15, my son hated school so much that he literally cried! I feared that he would either quit school or fall into the wrong crowd. I called our online school on a Friday and spoke with the principal about enrolling my son. By Monday, he was able to start online classes. It was a complete change in my son’s attitude and self esteem. The online academy helped him adjust with out the peer pressure.

If the online option would not have been available I’m afraid to think what would have happened to my son. The online academy gives him one-on-one access to his teachers, and he is able to ask for and receive help without problems. He progresses at his own pace and enjoys his life instead of becoming ill at the thought of going to school. To sum it up, the online option saved my son’s high school career, his health and him. I recommend the online option to any parent whose child is having a difficult time. It is wonderful to have options and find the program that works for your family!

Valerie, mother of a cyberschool student


  • We chose to enroll our daughter in a cyberschool three years ago after we could not find a brick and mortar school that was suitable for her. We researched many schools and found that Colorado Virtual Academy was the best choice for us. We currently have two children enrolled at COVA, and we would not have it any other way. Cyberschooling has brought our family closer and made learning fun for our children.

    Latisha and Edgar, parents of cyberschool students


  • As teachers in the public school system, my husband and I both knew that too often students can fall through the cracks and not be supported to their full potential, due to the overwhelming needs that exist in a classroom of 25 or more students. Even before they were born, we knew that we would school our children at home. And we have. But, as our oldest reached the middle school years, I felt that I wasn’t spending enough time preparing great learning experiences for him. I had heard about online schools before but had thought, “I can do it myself.” Now, I wasn’t so sure I was offering the best for my oldest son. We began researching online schools in depth and enrolled in one of Colorado’s online schools the following year.

It didn’t take long for us to realize the benefits of online schooling. As an online school family we get “the best of both worlds.” The rigorous curriculum and fabulous support of experienced teachers has helped us to fulfill our goals of schooling at home--meeting the particular needs of our children, having flexible scheduling so they can pursue their personal interests and develop their strengths--and helping our children reach their full potential. We are grateful for this schooling option in Colorado and appreciate all of those that work behind the scenes to make this option possible for Colorado families. Thank you for all that you do.

Cynthia, mother of cyberschool students

  • Connections Academy has been perfect for my 10th grade son's particular constellation of strengths and weaknesses. He struggles in math, and, as a high school freshman, he was able to back off to pre-algebra to rebuild a better base of competency, before moving on to high school level algebra. At the other end of the spectrum, he is taking honors courses in language arts, history and science, and, with his unusually fast reading pace and high reading comprehension, can move through the daily course material at a pace that keeps him engaged. John augments his cyberschool experience with active involvement in the Civil Air Patrol cadet program, regular workouts at a gym, and volunteering with a church youth group.

Kathy, mother of a cyberschool student